Teambuilding & Private Events

Hot Stove Society Offers a Full Range of Classes

Welcome to Hot Stove Society, a year-round cooking school operated by Tom Douglas Restaurants.

Our team offers events that range from light-hearted and sociable to team and skill building built for a creative and entertaining event.

We can create a casual party with cocktails and appetizers while our chef team demos a delicious meal for you, or we can all roll up our sleeves for a hands-on cook-along that your coworkers, friends, future in-laws, or family members can all enjoy!

After your team cooks along together ~ it’s time to relax and savor your meal together.

Take a peek at our menus below ~ class subjects include Dumplings from around the World, Pizza from Scratch, Steakhouse, Old School Italian and Ooodles of Noodles ~ just to name a few!

Many bar options and party favors available.

We would love to chat with you and tell you about all of the delicious details ~ email us at or 206.436.0383

Take a look at our sample Cook-Along and Kitchen Challenge Menus for you and your team

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