Teambuilding & Private Events

Tom Douglas, owner of 10 top Seattle restaurants, built a cooking school, The Hot Stove Society. The school offers a wide range of social and technical classes and is available for corporate team building and private events. We can create a casual mixer party with cocktails while one of our chefs demonstrates a technique or we can have intensive hands-on events that your friends or employees can enjoy!

Hot Stove Society is available to rent for team building events, social cocktail hours & private events. The staff has developed themed competitions and collaborative cooking exercises such as an Iron Chef Battle, Mystery Black Box and Destination Dry Rub. Full descriptions can be e-mailed to interested clients.

Please email for more information.

Team Building
Team Building
You work together all week, now spend some time cooking together. Partner with a member of our culinary team and help create a delicious lunch or dinner before sitting down in our kitchen to enjoy the meal you've just created.
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