Upcoming Classes:

July 2017

July 1 Summer Fruit Pies July 5 Tom’s Favorite Cookbooks: Demo and Dinner Series with Soundtrack! July 7 Summer Salmon July 8 Chinese Takeout Favorites (Sold Out) July 8 Fried Chicken Picnic July 10 Gnocchi Part 2 July 11 Seattle Kitchen Radio Show (Sold Out) July 11 Cobblers, Crisps, Slumps, and Buckles July 12 French Bistro July 13 Lunch Club July 13 Private Event (Sold Out) July 14 Tiki Cocktails and Pupus July 15 Potsticker Love July 15 Drinking, Cursing, and Cooking July 18 Seattle Kitchen Radio Show (Sold Out) July 18 Summer Pastas July 19 Lunch Club July 21 Lunch Club July 21 Hot Stove Society Food Lovers Weekend July 25 Seattle Kitchen Radio Show July 25 Wine Press Club July 27 Poke July 28 Lunch Club July 28 Backyard Steak July 29 Summertime Sausage and Beer July 31 Italian Desserts

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