Tuesday April 28

Cookbook Crush: American Sfoglino

Cookbook Crush: American Sfoglino

a master class in handmade pasta

We have a cookbook crush on Evan Funke’s American Sfoglino cookbook!!  Cookbook author and chef dives deep into the art of making sheet-pasta (sfoglino).  The book is combination of four beautiful Master Doughs with accompanying shapes and deliciously classic sauces.

Bridget picked three shapes to focus on in this class using Evan’s Master Egg Dough recipe.  Bridget will talk about dough consistency and the importance of hydration especially when working on hand-rolling sheets of pasta.  We will welcome with you with a substantial taste of pappardelle in a ragu bianco di maiale sauce.  After Bridget demonstrates how to make dough and roll sheets of pasta, you’ll get to roll up your sleeves and with a partner make your pasta dough from scratch, practice rolling sheets, and hand form shapes. 

A glass of beer or wine is included.

Welcome Taste: Ragu bianco di maiale (delicious pork & pancetta ragu sauce made in the bolonese-style) with pappardelle with a seasonal farm salad – no demonstration of welcome taste

What You’ll Learn:

  • Discussion about dough consistency, hydration, and moisture content
  • Discussion about pasta dough thickness
  • Tricks for rolling and handling the dough


  • Make the Master Egg Dough
  • How to hand Rolling Dough with a rolling pin; discussion about thickness and hydration
  • How to hand form three classic shapes: Garganelli, Strichetti (Farfalle), Sopresine


  • Make your Master Egg Dough by hand
  • Practice hand-rolling pasta dough with the option of sheeting the pasta with a roller attachment 
  • How to hand form three classic shapes: Garganelli, Strichetti (Farfalle), Sopresine (take home the pasta you have formed to enjoy later

*Please note this class is not suitable for gluten sensitive guests


If you have a question, please contact hotstove@tomdouglas.com

Cookbook Crush: American Sfoglino

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Tuesday April 28
6:00 - 8:00 PM
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