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Tom’s Favorite Cookbooks: Demo and Dinner Series Sold Out!


Land of Fish and Rice by Fuchsia Dunlop

This is the final book in Tom’s newest cookbook series. If you know Tom, you know that he is an avid cookbook aficionado. He likes to buy them, read them, cook from them, and considers cookbooks to be an important part of his culinary education.

There are three cookbooks in this January through March series (see the titles in the note below.) You might notice that these cookbooks are all distinctly different, but Tom finds a common thread running through them. Each one of these books is doing more than providing delicious recipes to try. Each book tells a story in a unique and compelling way.

In China, the beautiful Lower Yangtze region is known as a ‘land of fish and rice.’ The Chinese name for the region is Jiangnan or ‘south of the river.’ In the west, we know this region mostly for the modern city of Shanghai, but Shanghai is the gateway to a broader region renowned for, among other things, the exquisite pleasures of its food.

Fuchsia Dunlop, a James Beard award-winning author, has written a beautiful book, The Land of Fish and Rice, that tells the story of the Jiangnan region and teaches us about the culinary traditions of inhabitants who have been growing many of the same foods for millennia. Jiangnan cuisine, neglected too long, strikes a chord in modern times for its emphasis on balance and harmony, sustainability, seasonality, and health as well as for deliciousness.

Tom will work his way through a menu that features duck bathed in a luxurious dark sauce of soy, ginger, and anise, and hand pulled rustic noodles in broth, and Beggar’s Chicken- a whole bird stuffed and roasted in a carapace of lotus leaves and mud- and finishes with a celebratory dome of sweet sticky rice with a jewel like pattern of dried fruits called Shanghai Eight-Treasure Glutinous Rice… and so much more, with beverages and wines included.

This is exactly the kind of food Tom loves to cook and to eat. Be sure to join us to explore the food of an under appreciated Chinese region from a cookbook written by one of the world’s top authorities on Asian cuisines.

Note: the three cookbooks in the series are: Dinner with Mr. Darcy, January 21, The Red Rooster Cookbook, February 22, and Land of Fish and Rice, March 24. Save the dates to sign up for one, two,or all three.

  • Chinese beer served with Crisp Seaweed with Peanuts and Buddhist Vegetarian Tofu Rolls
  • Hangzhou Spiced Soy Sauce Duck /Chrysanthemum Leaves with Pine Nuts/ Juicy Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Rustic Dough-Wriggle Soup with Pickled Greens
  • Steamed Taro with Chinese Wind-Dried Sausage
  • Stir Fried Shrimp with Dragon Well Tea
  • Beggar’s Chicken served with Green Bok Choy
  • Shanghai Eight Treasure Glutinous Rice
  • Jujube and Ginger tea with Rock Sugar

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Tom’s Favorite Cookbooks: Demo and Dinner Series
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