Sunday April 2

Spring Lamb


A Spring Dinner Perfect for Easter

It’s spring and our thoughts naturally turn to (what else?) roast lamb! Would you like to know how to prepare a mouthwatering feast featuring a roasted herb-stuffed leg of lamb? Chef Instructor Bridget Charters will show you how!

This spring dinner is perfect for company, and since Easter is right around the corner, you may want to make this for your Easter dinner, especially since this is a menu that lends itself well to being served buffet style at a large family gathering.

Bridget will show you how to make an herb rub mixture, and how to butterfly and stuff a leg of lamb, and how to roll, tie, and roast it. She’ll also share the recipe for one of her favorite vegetable dishes from the years she spent living in Italy that’s perfect for spring- asparagus dressed in a tasty vinaigrette and topped with a light, fluffy, yellow and white garnish of hard boiled eggs rubbed through a sieve. Round out this feast with a classic celery root remoulade and the creamy, layered, French potato gratin known as Potato Dauphinoise. Bridget will also demo a luscious Italian ricotta cake that’s traditional for Easter.

You’ll enjoy substantial tastes of everything Bridget demos, and you’ll get to roll up your sleeves and make the Celery Root Remoulade and the Potato Dauphinoise, hands-on. You can enjoy eating these in class, or you can take them home.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Roasted herb-stuffed and rolled leg of lamb- demo
  • Italian style asparagus with sieved hard boiled eggs and vinaigrette- demo
  • Celery root remoulade- demo and hands-on
  • Potato Dauphinoise- demo and hands-on
  • Torta di Ricotta- demo

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Photo credit to: Anderson Ranch Lamb

Spring Lamb
Where Hotel Andra
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When Sunday April 2
2:00 - 4:00 PM

Enroll: $90.00

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Spring Lamb
with Chef Bridget Charters

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