Wednesday May 31

Prosser Farm Class


Prosser Farm comes to you!

Prosser Farm is our company farm located in the small town of Prosser in gorgeous Eastern Washington. Jackie Cross is Farmer-in-Chief, and Devarshi Patel is Chef and Farm Manager. Jackie and Dev run a farm operation that produces tons of fresh, seasonal produce which gets trucked out to our Seattle restaurants.

Creative energy flows back and forth between the farm and the Tom Douglas chefs. Jackie and Dev consult with the chefs to choose the tastiest varieties of produce to grow each season. Every May is Chef Plant- a time when all our chefs travel out to Prosser to till the soil and plant seedlings.

If you haven’t had the chance to get to Prosser for one of the Farm Dinners that Jackie and Dev host throughout the growing season (and probably even more so if you have), you’ll be excited that with we’re bringing the farm to you with this new series!

Jackie and Dev will bring in whatever crops are ready for harvest by the date of the class, and you’ll get to taste and compare different varieties in both raw and cooked form. They’ll also choose a recipe to demo from one of their favorite vegetable cookbooks featuring the seasonal produce they’re showcasing in that class. The Hot Stove team will prepare a few additional tastes for you using whatever else our Prosser Farmers bring in on that day.

Expect a few surprises in each class. You might get a bag of greens or a packet of seeds or a potted-up seedling, or a taste of a Prosser wine. You may also get some tips on how to pickle and preserve. Expect an inspiring evening in the company of two delightful farmer/chefs who are eager to share their knowledge with you. If you have a home vegetable garden, or a few pots on the patio, or if you want to know what to buy at the Farmers Market, or how to make something delicious with all the seasonal abundance, then sign up for Prosser Farm Class!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Farming 101: How we grow/ what we grow/ what varieties we like best and why
  • Great gardening tips from the farm
  • Taste mustard green varietals (raw and cooked) from Wild Garden Seed
  • Taste lettuce varietals from Johnny’s Seed
  • Mustard Green Pancakes (in the style of Chinese scallion pancakes) from Jenn Louis’ The Book of Greens – demo by Dev
  • Butter Lettuce Panna Cotta with Strawberries from Jenn Louis’ The Book of Greens- taste, no demo

If you have a question about this class or would like to be put on a wait list, contact and include the name and date of the class with your question.

Prosser Farm Class
Where Hotel Andra
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When Wednesday May 31
6:00 - 8:00 PM

Enroll: $85.00

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Prosser Farm Class
with Jackie Cross and Devarshi Patel

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