Sunday March 26

Pizza at Home Sold Out!


Learn from the Chef of Serious Pie!

The Hot Stove Society Team is excited to present the first ‘Pizza at Home’ class taught by Chef Tony Catini. Tony is chef of all three of the Tom Douglas pizza restaurants: Serious Pie Virginia, Serious Pie Westlake, and Serious Pie Pike. Though he is culinary school educated and has many years of professional restaurant cooking on his resume, Tony nonetheless claims that the true heart and soul of his culinary education is what he learned from his Italian-born mother. This is a man you can trust to teach you how to make truly awesome pizza.

The dough that we make for Serious Pie is a long process, but Tony has come up with a home-friendly version of our dough recipe for this class, and he will discuss the differences between the home pizza dough recipe and the Serious Pie pizza dough recipe.

Tony will show you how to shape and top pizza dough, and you’ll get a portion of dough ready for you to shape and top. We’ll set out a wide variety of pizza toppings for you to choose from.

In addition to learning how to make and handle pizza dough, you will learn about how to shop for the ingredients that make the difference between ordinary pizza and stellar pizza— olive oil, canned Italian tomatoes, and top-quality cheeses.

Best of all, you’ll get to enjoy the pizza you shaped, topped, and baked yourself!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to make Tony’s home version of pizza dough, including brief discussion of flours- demo
  • Discussion of olive oil varietals, labeling and pressing, plus a tasting of a couple of different olive oils
  • Serious Pie tomato sauce- demo- plus a discussion about canned tomato varietals and labels and a tasting of 2 different canned tomatoes: A D.O.P. San Marzano and Alta Cuci
  • Simple homemade ricotta- demo- plus a discussion and tasting of a couple of the cheeses used at Serious Pie- buffalo mozzarella and sottocenere truffle cheese- and a tasting of Tony’s fresh ricotta
  • Shape and top pizza and bake in the oven- hands-on
  • Eat your pizza!

If you have a question about this class or would like to be put on a wait list, please contact and include the name and date of the class with your question.

Pizza at Home
Where Hotel Andra
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When Sunday March 26
2:00 - 4:00 PM

Sold Out!

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