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All About Eggs


Lucky Peach

Around here, we get super excited when a new issue of Lucky Peach hits the newsstands. If you have ever picked up a copy of Lucky Peach, you know that it’s a magazine that uses food as a filter to tell stories about people, places, traditions, flavors, and cultural identities. You also know that it’s irreverent, authoritative, a unique culinary resource, and above all, utterly hip.

Which means we’re thrilled to welcome Rachel Khong for a cookbook demo on the new book she has authored along with the editors of Lucky Peach, called All About Eggs. Rachel, a writer and novelist who grew up in Southern California, was first the managing editor, then the executive editor of Lucky Peach magazine.

All About Eggs is not your typical cookbook. This book takes the Lucky-Peach-style approach of presenting an in-depth examination of a single topic (eggs, in this case) with essays, stories, artwork, charts, graphics, and, of course, a large, wildly eclectic array of delicious egg recipes from around the world. Reading this fun and fascinating book will absorb you for hours pondering philosophical questions like ‘why do we eat eggs for breakfast?’ until you are overcome by the desire to get into the kitchen and cook some eggs!

To get you in the mood for immersion into the topic of eggs, we’ll greet you with a Pisco Sour cocktail (a classic cocktail with fluffy egg whites) made with delicious Macchu Pisco!

As Rachel demos, you’ll enjoy substantial tastes of every recipe. A copy of All About Eggs is included in the price of the class, and Rachel will sign your book.

This is sure to be one of the most memorable and unique Hot Stove Society classes of 2017. Don’t miss out!

What you’ll Learn:

Savory egg dishes:

  • Cilbir- Turkish poached eggs in yogurt, drizzled with chili butter sauce- you may never go back to plain ol’ scrambled eggs
  • Scotch eggs- soft boiled eggs encased in sausage and deep fried- the classic English pub snack

Sweet egg dishes:

  • Yank Sing egg tarts-little tarts filled with a sweet egg custard- this recipe is from everyone’s favorite San Francisco dim sum house
  • Bibingka- a Filipino banana leaf wrapped rice flour cake with salted duck eggs inside- you taste rich, sweet and salty in this amazing street-food dessert

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All About Eggs
Where Hotel Andra
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When Wednesday April 12
6:00 - 8:00 PM

Enroll: $85.00

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All About Eggs
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