Saturday February 16

UnPHOgettable: Beef and Chicken Pho

UnPHOgettable: Beef and Chicken Pho

Learn how to make Pho from scratch

Pho is one of Seattle’s best loved dishes, and we all have our favorite pho joint where we go to slurp a big bowl of flat rice noodles in a delicious full-flavored broth. But you can learn to make pho at home from scratch, and Hot Stove Instructor Annie is here to show you how!

Annie will show you how to make both Beef Pho and Chicken Pho, including how to make the broth and what spices to use.  Annie also has created a full-fledged demo menu of Vietnamese standards from shrimp and pineapple spring rolls to start to the custard cream puffs for dessert (just like Than Brothers!)

We’ll start you off with a welcome drink, and as Annie demoes, you’ll enjoy substantial tastes of every dish and go home with all the recipes.

Welcome Drink:

  • Hard sweet iced tea

Demo Menu: (all demo only)

  • Shrimp and pineapple spring rolls with soy dipping sauce
  • Beef rib pho
  • Vietnamese meatballs
  • Chicken pho
  • Hoisin Sauce- Annie’s homemade hoisin is delicious and gluten free!
  • Vanilla custard cream puffs

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UnPHOgettable: Beef and Chicken Pho

Hotel Andra
Saturday February 16
2:00 - 4:00 PM
Enroll $90.00