Friday October 12

Tom Douglas Restaurants Classics

Tom Douglas Restaurants Classics

Our Best Loved Recipes

The creative chefs of the Tom Douglas Restaurants change their menus seasonally and frequently. But there are some dishes that don’t come off the menus because of the way our customers clamor for them! Tom Douglas Restaurants Corporate Chef Chris Schwarz, who has been with the company for decades and has cooked his way around all the joints, is here to show you how to make some of our favorite and best loved recipes.

As you watch Chris demo the menu below, you’ll enjoy substantial tastes of every dish. We’ll welcome you with a TanakaSan sake slushy and you’ll end on sweet note with a delicious coconut cream pie bite (no demo of the pie).

What You’ll Learn: (demo only)

  • Carlile Room Duck Fat Hush Puppies with duck liver mousse and spicy pear jam- a luscious hit from the first day we opened the Carlile Room
  • Etta’s Flash Fried Squid with green olive salsa- squid is flash fried so it’s golden and crisp but still tender
  • Dahlia Grilled Bread Salad with fresh mozzarella and basil- this salad of vinaigrette soaked grilled bread croutons with slow roasted tomatoes, olives, parmesan, and coppa is a Dahlia standard
  • Dahlia Lounge Dungeness Crab Cakes- those golden, panko-crusted cakes, full of fresh crabmeat, served with seasonal accompaniments
  • Palace Whole Grilled Trout with Salsa Verde and Fall Vegetable Giardiniera- for this Palace classic, the trout is beautifully charred so the smoky flavor permeates the delicate flesh of the fish
  • TanakaSan General Tso's Spare ribs with orange sauce, blistered chilies, scallions- sweet and hot, sticky and addictive

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Tom Douglas Restaurants Classics

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Friday October 12
6:00 - 8:00 PM
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