Friday May 18

Thrilla in Manila #10

Thrilla in Manila #10

Filipino Potluck

Hot Stove Society is THRILLED to welcome Instructor Herschell Taghap back for another Thrilla in Manila class! This is #10 in Herschell's personal and personality-filled series on Filipino family cooking.

This class is just what you need to get ready to ramp up for summertime outdoor cooking parties!  Herschell will guide you through a festive Filipino style potluck, including lumpia, the always popular Filipino version of fried spring rolls, which you ‘ll get to learn how to roll and shape, hands on. You'll also learn to make the Taghap family's iconic BBQ skewers in a 7-up marinade, the ever popular Filipino noodle dish called Pancit, and the steamed rice cakes in banana leaves which Herschell's aunties would stuff by the dozen into bags for Herschell to take home.

We’ll greet you with a welcome cocktail: Titto’s Secret Mango Tang Smash. You’ll enjoy substantial tastes of everything that Herschell demos, and you’ll take home lumpia that you made yourself!

What you’ll learn:


  • Isabelita’s vegetable lumpia with a seasonal sweet-sour sauce


  • How to make perfect rice properly using the ‘finger test’
  • Herschell’s favorite 7-up BBQ pork skewers
  • Taghap Family BBQ dipping vinegar
  • Pancit- a Filipino rice noodle dish with chicken, veggies, eggs, and chicharrones
  • Suman- steamed rice cakes in banana leaves

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Thrilla in Manila #10

Hotel Andra
Friday May 18
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Enroll $90.00