Wednesday October 10

The River Cafe Turns 30

The River Cafe Turns 30

London's Legendary Restaurant

Celebrate the 30th birthday of the iconic London restaurant, The River Café, with a dinner and demo by Tom Douglas. Over the decades, The River Café, located on the River Thames in Hammersmith, has built an almost mythic reputation on simple but luxurious Italian food.  Ruth Rogers and her head chefs, Joseph Trivelli and Sian Wyn Owen, have put out a cookbook, River Café London 30, of both classic and new recipes to commemorate 30 years of memories and good food. (Sadly, Rose Gray, who cofounded the River Café with Ruth, passed away in 2010, but her name is also on the book as an author).

We’ll start you out with a homemade Bianco on the Rocks (Tom’s version of the Italian wine based aperitif with an herbal aroma) and wedges of Chickpea and Fennel Farinata, street food from the coastal area of Liguria.  Tom will work his way through a five course Italian menu from River Café London 30.

While Tom demos, he will regale you with stories, and he will discuss ingredients and techniques, as you enjoy eating each course.  The food will be paired to spirits and wines of Tom’s choosing; beverages are included. You’ll end with a slice of The River Café’s most famous dessert: the lush, indulgent Chocolate Nemesis.

What You’ll Learn and Eat: (demo only)


  • Bianco on the Rocks with a Twist, with Chickpea and Fennel Farinata – chickpea batter spiked with olive, salt, and fennel seeds, baked in a very hot oven and cut into wedges

First course antipasti plate: (the following are served on one plate)

  • Beef Fillet with Salmoriglio, briefly grilled but still raw beef fillet thinly sliced and served with a sauce of fresh thyme, olive oil and lemon juice
  • Zucchini alla Scapece, very thin slices of fried zucchini with red wine vinegar, garlic, chile, and mint
  • Borlotti beans with sweet King Crab, a Northwest spin on a River Cafe dish which was inspired by a favorite antipasto at Harry’s Bar

Second course:

  • Pumpkin Soup- October’s finest sugar pumpkins with new potatoes, garlic, and marjoram, garnished with toasted rustic bread

Third course:

  • Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi – classic Italian dumplings served with sage butter and Parmesan

Fourth Course:

  • Roast Pigeon stuffed with Cotechino and Porcini: what could be better than a roast bird with a flavorful stuffing and a Chianti pan sauce?

Dessert Course:

  • Chocolate Nemesis with crème fraiche- this flourless chocolate cake- dark, decadent, and silky smooth- is The River Café’s most popular dessert.

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The River Cafe Turns 30

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Wednesday October 10
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