Thursday June 14

Lunch Club: Asparagus

Lunch Club: Asparagus

Bringing Seasons to Dinner

The Hot Stove Society is excited to welcome the delightful and erudite local bookstore owner, Peter Miller, to lead this edition of Lunch Club. Peter is the owner of Peter Miller Architecture and Design Books and the author of Lunch at the Shop, and Five Ways to Cook Asparagus (And Other Recipes).

Here are a few words from Peter, in his own voice:
This is an experiment. To talk cooking and to focus on the season.

It is hard to make dinner. You must keep in mind who your allies are. Staples and seasons, the freshest product and its partners.

To make this work, your details must be good. And you must have a sense of them. That is what this talk is about. I will make a simple pasta, using only the most seasonable items. 

And as I put it together, we will talk about each ingredient - what it can do, who it likes to be with, where it is available and when.”

What You’ll Learn and What You’ll Eat for Lunch:

  • Arugula with a vinaigrette and shaved Parmesan, laid over a few of the best asparagus (no demo)
  • Asparagus, spring garlic, fresh morels, arugula, basil and a little fresh pasta- demo
  • Dahlia Bakery cookies (no demo)

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Lunch Club: Asparagus

Hotel Andra
Thursday June 14
12:00 - 1:00 PM
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