Thursday May 30

The Karachi Kitchen

The Karachi Kitchen

Classic and Contemporary Flavors of Pakistan

Hot Stove welcomes Pakistani Chef Kausar Ahmed to a demo and hands-on class with a menu from her new cookbook, The Karachi Kitchen.

Kausar grew up in a traditional Pakistani home in Karachi, a bustling port city at the mouth of the Arabian Sea that is as abundant in history as it is in cultural diversity. Cuisine in Karachi is as diverse as its inhabitants and draws influences from across South, Central, and West Asia.

Few Americans are familiar with regional Pakistani cuisine, so this class is a rare opportunity to widen your horizons and discover a whole new world of food that is bold in flavor and fragrant with whole and ground spices.

Kausar is a fascinating instructor with over 20 years of experience as a chef, educator, and food stylist.  She also does work in Karachi teaching healthy eating and hygiene habits to women and youth in high risk communities.

As you watch Kausar demo, you’ll enjoy substantial tastes of every dish, and you’ll get to roll up your sleeves and make Okra Chips, Traditional Potato Cutlets, and Naan and Chutney, hands-on.

The Karachi Kitchen cookbook is not included in the price of the class, but we will have books available for sale, and if you would like to purchase one, Kausar will be pleased to sign your book!

A glass of wine or beer is included.

What You’ll Learn and Eat:

  • Okra Chips- rubbed in spices, deep fried, and served with a squeeze of lemon as an appetizer- demo and hands-on
  • Dum Kay Pasanday- masala rubbed roast beef tenderloin- a tender and fragrant ‘dry stew’ seasoned with spices and black peppercorns for a slow cooked burst of flavor- demo
  • Traditional Potato Cutlets- these crispy, golden patties of mashed potatoes and spices are an all time favorite street food in Karachi- demo and hands-on
  • Handmade Naan and Chutney- demo and hands-on
  • Gajar Ka Halwa- Carrot Delight- this traditional dessert served at festive occasions is a deliciously rich pudding of carrots stewed in milk with sugar, cardamom, pistachios, and saffron- demo

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The Karachi Kitchen

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Thursday May 30
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Enroll $85.00