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Summer Pasta Sauces

Summer Pasta Sauces

Pasta in the garden all summer long!

Our Italy expert, Chef Instructor Bridget Charters, will show you pastas that are super fun to make, delicious to eat, and take full advantage of summer's bounty.

Summer pastas take advantage of the fresh herbs, ripe tomatoes and other produce that is bursting from your own garden or the farmers markets. These are the pastas you’ll want to take outside to eat in the backyard all summer long.

Quality dry pasta is the perfect match for a Summer sauce, and Bridget will explain which pasta shape goes best with each sauce.

For these very simple pastas, the quality of ingredients from the fresh produce to the olive oil to the pasta itself to the cheese, to the proper cooking of each ingredient, and the way you put everything together- all of these elements are key. Bridget will explain every step to assure your success.

As you watch Bridget demo, you’ll enjoy substantial tastes of each sauced pasta.  You’ll get to roll up your sleeves and make the Zucchini and Pecorino Romano sauce hands-on. The Hot Stove team will cook off pasta for you to toss with your zucchini sauce.  You can enjoy eating this in class or we can pack it up for you to take home.

A glass of wine or beer is included

What You’ll Learn: Demo

  • Tomato Arugula and Goat Cheese Pasta- This pasta is in the style of aglio olio. Add olive oil, garlic, ground chili peppers, tomatoes and a splash of white wine to spaghetti or bucatini. The hot pasta is tossed with fresh arugula and dotted with goat cheese
  • Northwest Albacore Puttanesca- Seared rare Northwest Albacore tuna is sliced and served over a plate of spaghetti tossed with a classic puttanesca sauce of tomatoes, garlic, anchovies, olives, capers, and ground chili peppers.
  • The Greenest Pasta- Pasta Col Pesto Verdissimo- Bridget was inspired by the book Autentico for this recipe for a pasta sauce that comes right out of the garden or farmers market.  Choose parsley, kale, leeks, arugula, spinach, purslane- just about anything tender, delicious, and green. Then blanch everything, let it cool and make it into a pesto!
  • Pasta alla Norma- this Sicilian recipe of fried eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, Italian parsley, grated ricotta salata and fresh basil is one of the most delicious of the classic Italian pasta dishes. It’s all about the proper frying of the eggplant, and Bridget will show you how.

What You’ll Learn: Hands-on

  • Zucchini and Pecorino Romano – cut the zucchini into coins then cook them down and caramelize them in extra virgin olive oil.  This becomes the sauce for cooked pasta (try a short pasta like rigatoni or penne). Shower the pasta with grated Pecorino Romano.  A simple pasta like this is all about the proper cooking of the zucchini, the quality of the oil, and the correct amount of oil.

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Summer Pasta Sauces

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Wednesday June 19
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