Sunday April 07

Spring Fruit Pie

Spring Fruit Pie

Make and Take

What could be more fun and satisfying then baking a double crusted fruit pie using the juiciest, tastiest, most delicious fruits of spring! Do you wish you could get a little help from a pro to up your pie game? Then this is the hands-on class for you!

Hot Stove Director Lexi Ochoa, will show you how to make the perfect spring fruit pie in this all hands-on class.

You’ll get to make a full size 9-inch pie using seasonal fruits. You’ll make pastry dough, hands-on.  You can take this dough home with you for the next time you make a fruit pie. (You can use it soon, or freeze for another time.) We will have a bountiful selection of seasonal fruit for you to choose from.  Choose and prep your fruit, and Lexi will explain the options for how much sugar to add and how much and what kind of thickener (flour, cornstarch, etc). Then we’ll give you chilled dough that we made ahead for you, that you will roll out for a double crusted pie.  Fill your pie and put the top crust on, crimp and seal.  You’ll take your unbaked pie with you to bake at home.

Learn how to make a perfectly flaky pie crust and a fruit filling that sets up just right. The proof is in the pie, so bake off your pie and impress friends and family with your pastry skills!

We’ll welcome you with a tasty snack. A glass of wine or beer is included.

What You’ll Learn: (All both demo AND hands-on)

  • How to make pie dough
  • How to select fruit, how to make and sweeten a fruit filling, and what types of thickeners to use
  • How to roll out dough and fill and assemble a fruit pie- then take it and bake it at home

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Spring Fruit Pie

Hotel Andra
Sunday April 07
12:00 - 2:30 PM
Enroll $90.00