Saturday March 28

Soup Dumpling Love!

Soup Dumpling Love!

Learn the secrets to soup dumplings!

Soup dumplings, delicate and filled with pork and piping hot broth, inspire superfandom. Who hasn't waited an hour in line at Din Tai Fung to get a steamer basket of soup dumplings? Instructor Hsiao-Ching Chou loves soup dumplings so much, she's been to Din Tai Fung locations in three countries. She also has waited in line at the famous Nan Xiang restaurant in Shanghai just to taste soup dumplings at the source. Professional chefs spend months and months learning exacting technique. But this class will introduce home cooks to the basic skills for making soup dumplings.

You’ll get to roll out wrappers, fill and pinch, and steam soup dumplings hands-on, and you’ll enjoy eating the products of your labors.

A special note: Now that Hsiao-Ching’s book, Chinese Soul Food, has hit the shelves, her fans can bring her recipes into their own kitchens. We will have copies of Chinese Soul Food available for sale and Hsiao-Ching will sign your book.

What you'll learn:


  • How to make Soup Dumpling Dough
  • How to make Soup Dumpling Filling
  • How to fill, pinch, and steam Soup Dumpling
  • How to roll out and cook Green Onion Pancakes


  • How to roll out wrappers for the dumplings
  • How to fill, pinch, and steam you Soup Dumpling
  • How to roll out and cook Green Onion Pancakes

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Soup Dumpling Love!

Hotel Andra
Saturday March 28
10:00 - 12:00 PM
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