Sunday February 09

Shoop the Choux

Shoop the Choux

gougères, Eclairs, Parisienne Gnocchi

Sharpen your baking skills in time to wow your little cream puff for Valentine’s Day!

Crème puffs and eclairs are quintessential Parisian pastries, proudly displayed in every bakery window.    This pastry dough has been around for centuries and is classically made using flour, water, eggs, and butter.  The high moisture content in the dough is what causes the beautiful lift that we all know and love. 

In this class, Hot Stove Instructor Jamie Freedman will teach you all about how to make this classic pastry dough!  She will demonstrate forming eclairs and profiteroles dipped in chocolate as well as savory gougères filled with delicious gruyere.  You’ll get a taste of Jamie’s Parisienne gnocchi, yet another way to use the choux dough!  After Jamie demo’s you’ll get to roll up your sleeves and make your own dough in teams of two and use it two different ways: savory gougères and sweet profiteroles.  Bake what you make in class and take home anything that you have left.

A glass of beer or wine is included.

What You’ll Learn:

Demo and Tastes:

  • How to make choux dough and savory and sweet applications
  • How to form gougères, profiteroles, eclairs
  • How to form, cook, and sauce Parisian gnocchi


  • Make your own choux dough for savory gougères and sweet profiteroles/eclairs with chocolate for dipping

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Shoop the Choux

Hotel Andra
Sunday February 09
2:00 - 4:00 PM
Enroll $90.00