Tuesday March 26



Pork, Lamb, Veal, and Beef

There are times when nothing satisfies like a beautiful roast of meat. How long has it been since you pulled a savory roast, fragrant and dripping with juices, from your home oven? These days we tend to act like ‘short order cooks’ most of the time, so we might be intimidated at the prospect of preparing a roast for dinner.

If you’re ready to brush up on your skills, Chef Instructor Bridget Charters will be here to demystify the roasting process and answer all your questions.  What cuts of meat are best for roasting, and what cuts will you typically find at the supermarket? How do you season the meat? When and how do you tie a roast? What oven temperature should you use for roasting and how do you know when the meat is done? What do you do with the fats and liquids left in the pan? Bridget will even discuss the all important question: what are the best possible potatoes to serve with a roast?

Bridget will show you how to make a porchetta style pork roast using a pork belly, as well as a beautifully aromatic lamb roast with herbs, anchovy, lemon, and bay leaves, plus a traditional Italian veal breast stuffed with homemade sausage and hard boiled eggs, and even a Tom Douglas cookbook classic- flank steak stuffed with olives, pine nuts, and herbs rolled up roulade style.

As you watch Bridget demo, you’ll enjoy substantial tastes of each roast. Each roast will be paired with a different style of potatoes, and you’ll find out which type of potatoes you love the best!

A glass of wine or beer is included.

What You’ll Learn and Taste: (demo only)

  • Discussion of how to roast, what cuts of meat to buy, and more
  • Sage and garlic porchetta-style pork roast
  • Lamb roast with mixed herbs, anchovy and lemon roulade
  • Veal breast roast stuffed with pork and veal sausage and hard boiled eggs
  • Tom’s olive stuffed flank steak with pine nuts, currants, and herbs 
  • Potato comparison: for tasting, each roast will be paired with a different potato preparation. The four styles of potato are: bay leaf potatoes, salt roasted potatoes, traditional Italian style  roasted Russets, and Italian fries which are Yukon Golds slow cooked on the stove in olive oil. (Bridget will discuss the techniques, but no demo of potatoes.)

Note: if you have a question about this class, contact hotstove@tomdouglas.com


Hotel Andra
Tuesday March 26
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Enroll $95.00