Monday June 03

Lunch Club- Miso Tasty!

Lunch Club- Miso Tasty!

Miso Pork Sandwich with Kimchi Mayo

Miso is a traditional Japanese ingredient made by fermenting soybeans. If you have recently picked up a food magazine, a new cookbook, or a trendy restaurant menu, you’ve probably noticed miso being used in recipes every which way.

Hot Stove Instructor Jamie Freedman, who has a background in Japanese cooking, is here to teach you what you need to know about miso including how it’s made, the different styles, the health benefits, where to buy it, and the history of use. For this lunch club, Jamie will show you how to make some fun dishes featuring the savory and umami notes of miso that will elevate the deliciousness of your cooking all spring and summer long.

Try thinking about lunch in a whole new way.  In the same hour that you usually spend picking at a box of take-out while you look at your phone, you can be seated at Hot Stove Society while Instructor Jamie Freedman cooks a three course lunch for you.  Better yet, find a buddy and make it a lunch date!

What You’ll Learn and Eat: (demo only)

  • Grilled Spring Onion and Corn with Caramelized Miso
  • Miso Pork Sandwich on Brioche with Butter Lettuce, Kimchi Mayo, and Pickled Veggies
  • Foie Gras Profiteroles with Miso Caramel Sauce (Yes! This is the famous recipe from Gabriel Rucker’s Le Pigeon in Portland, Oregon!)

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Lunch Club- Miso Tasty!

Hotel Andra
Monday June 03
12:00 - 1:00 PM
Enroll $30.00