Wednesday January 16

Making Mole

Making Mole

Make and Take your own Mole

Chef Director Lexi is an ardent fan of Mexican food, whether she’s cooking it, eating it, or studying books about it.  For this class, Lexi is going to show you how to make your own mole sauce!

Mole is a complex Mexican sauce with origins in pre-Hispanic times.  The term ‘mole’ encompasses a wide variety of sauces, but a mole usually includes some of the following ingredients: fruits, chili peppers, seeds, nuts, spices, and sometimes chocolate. 

For this class, Lexi will show you how to make Pipian mole sauce for grilled shrimp tacos, which is a mole based on pumpkin seeds..

As you watch Lexi demo, you’ll enjoy substantial tastes of each dish. Then you’ll get to roll up your sleeves and make a batch of mole and take it home with you.

Welcome Cocktail:

  • Paloma


  • Grilled shrimp tacos with pipian mole sauce on a corn tortilla topped with toasted pepitas
  • Served with last season’s beans
  • Mexican rice
  • How to work with masa; how to make tortillas
  • How to make mole


  • Make your own mole and take it home!

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Making Mole

Hotel Andra
Wednesday January 16
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Enroll $90.00