Wednesday April 18

Lunch Club- Rhubarb

Lunch Club- Rhubarb

Peak Season: Rhubarb

Tired of the same-old, same old?  Try thinking about lunch in a whole new way and sign up for Lunch Club!  In the same hour that you usually spend chomping down a sandwich while you look at your phone, you can be seated at Hot Stove Society while Sous Chef Lexi Ochoa cooks lunch for you!

Those first stalks of reddish pink rhubarb that you see in the markets are lovely, spring-like, and appealing.  But can you think up anything to do with rhubarb other than making a pie? Sous Chef Lexi has put thought into this quandary, and she’s come up with a menu that features rhubarb in every course, from a Rhubarb Collins cocktail (available for purchase), to sweet and savory rhubarb ketchup accenting a toast with melted Tallegio, an Italian semisoft washed rind cheese. A rhubarb and radish salad adds a bright note to succulent lamb ribs, and you’ll end lunch with a rhubarb, almond, vanilla cake.

Join us to celebrate the first fresh rhubarb of spring.  Better yet, find a buddy and make it a lunch date!

What You’ll Learn: (demo only)

  • Tallegio toast with rhubarb ketchup and sweet cicely
  • Lamb ribs with rhubarb and radish salad
  • Rhubarb, almond, vanilla cake

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Lunch Club- Rhubarb

Hotel Andra
Wednesday April 18
12:00 - 1:00 PM
Enroll $25.00