Wednesday March 20

Lunch Club- Polenta

Lunch Club- Polenta

Creamy polenta, sauteed mushrooms & Parmigiano

Tired of the same-old, same old?  Try thinking about lunch in a whole new way and sign up for Lunch Club!  In the same hour that you usually spend chomping down a sandwich while you look at your phone, you can be seated at Hot Stove Society while Chef instructor Bridget Charters cooks lunch for you!

Polenta originated in Northern Italy, including the Northwest Alps and the Po River Valley, as a peasant dish, the poor man’s way to defeat hunger. It is made from ground cornmeal mixed with water and cooked low and slow on the stove top. In traditional Italian restaurants it may be cooked all day before it is spread out to cool.

Bridget will prepare a three course polenta lunch to show you how versatile polenta can be, whether served soft and creamy, or chilled until firm then cut into shapes that can be grilled or fried. She will even make a delicious polenta cake for dessert!

Go ahead and treat yourself to a special way to go out for lunch. Better yet, find a buddy and make it a lunch date!

What You’ll Learn and Eat: (demo only)

  • Polenta Crostini- polenta is poured out to a one-inch thickness, cooled, and cut into crostini. The crostini are grilled, then you will enjoy them with a few different toppings such as peperonata and green olive tapenade
  • Mushroom Polenta- for this scrumptious dish, warm polenta enriched with cream and Parmigiano Reggiano is plated, then a sauté of mushrooms with fresh thyme is nestled into the center and topped with more Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Polenta Cake- a delicious cake made with cornmeal and garnished with orange mascarpone

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Lunch Club- Polenta

Hotel Andra
Wednesday March 20
12:00 - 1:00 PM
Enroll $30.00