Monday July 15

Lunch Club- Meatless Monday Part 3

Lunch Club- Meatless Monday Part 3

Sweet Corn Fritters

Welcome to our new series: Meatless Monday Lunch Club!  For this edition of the series, Hot Stove Instructor Annie Elmore celebrates summer by showing you how to make crisp, golden-brown, sweet corn fritters served with spicy salsa. She continues the Latin mood with roasted sweet potatoes, Cuban beans, avocado, and Pico de Gallo.  Dessert is a bite of childhood nostalgia- frozen chocolate covered banana!

Try thinking about lunch in a whole new way.  In the same hour that you usually spend chomping down a sandwich while you look at your phone, you can be seated at Hot Stove Society while Instructor Annie cooks a marvelous Meatless Monday lunch for you. Better yet, find a buddy and make it a lunch date!

What You’ll Learn and Eat: (demo only)

  • Sweet Corn Fritters with Spicy Zucchini Salsa
  • Roasted Sweet Potato with Cuban Beans, Avocado, and Pico de Gallo Verde
  • Frozen Chocolate Banana Bites

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Lunch Club- Meatless Monday Part 3

Hotel Andra
Monday July 15
12:00 - 1:00 PM
Enroll $30.00