Friday June 01

It's All Gravy


Get on the Gravy Train with Herschell

We’re excited to welcome our favorite Chef, DJ, Filipino Food Expert, and Social Media Master, Herschell Taghap, back to Hot Stove Society for another class!

Gravy is a sauce made from the drippings that result from cooking meats and poultry. The drippings are thickened with flour or cornstarch, then stock, cream, or other liquids are whisked in and simmered to make a rich, smooth voluptuous sauce.  In the American tradition, the word gravy can be used to describe a wider variety of sauces, such as ‘tomato gravy.’

 Most of us love gravy, but only attempt to make it once a year for the Thanksgiving turkey.  Herschell passionately believes that gravy should be on your table way more often than that!  In this class you’re going to learn how delicious gravy can be, how doable it is to whip some up for brunch or dinner, and he’ll demo a variety of dishes that cry out for a ladle of creamy, luscious gravy.

We’ll welcome you with a dry sparkling wine and lemon soda spritzer.  As you watch Heschell demo, you’ll enjoy substantial tastes of each dish. Then you’ll get to roll up your sleeves and make the Biscuits with Sawmill Gravy hands-on!

What You’ll Learn:


  • Mr B’s Shrimp in New Orleans Gravy- This recipe for peel and eat ‘BBQ’ shrimp in a tangy spicy butter sauce seasoned with Worcestershire, Crystal Hot Sauce, and Creole seasoning is a New Orleans classic.
  • Bacon-wrapped Meatloaf with Classic Beef Gravy- what could be more delicious than meatloaf? Wrapping it in bacon for one thing, but even better is taking the time to whip up a flavorful beef gravy. Once you learn the technique, you’ll be able to adapt your gravy making skills to many other dishes.
  • Mr. Joe’s Tomato Gravy Catfish with Smoky Bacon- this recipe is from Tom Douglas’ Seattle Kitchen cookbook. Tom created this dish from his childhood memories of a dish made by a neighbor, Mr. Joe.  Mr. Joe served toast smothered with gravy made from bacon grease, canned tomato sauce, and plenty of Tabasco. Tom sears spice rubbed catfish and serves it with a spicy tomato gravy and smoky bacon for a satisfying combo of flavors.


  • Southern-style Sausage and Biscuits with Sawmill Gravy- this will be your go-to special breakfast or brunch dish after Herschell shows you how to make it hands-on.  Herschell will you show you how to make Sawmill Gravy, the classic Southern-style cream gravy with sausage that may have originated in logging camps in the South around the time of the Civil War or earlier.  Sawmill Gravy is often served over biscuits or fried chicken or chicken fried steak. Of course, you’ll also learn how to make our Southern-style Serious Biscuits!

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A Note About the Photo: Herschell will make Sawmill Gravy with Sausage and Biscuits for this class. He is not making fried chicken. But this photo shows you a traditional Southern cream gravy for biscuits.

It's All Gravy

Hotel Andra
Friday June 01
6:00 - 8:00 PM
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