Monday August 05

Indian Comfort Food

Indian Comfort Food

Soul Warming Indian Cuisine

If you love the complex spicing, varied textures, and lively flavors of Indian food and enjoy dining in Indian restaurants, but you’re too intimidated to cook this cuisine at home, we have the solution!

We’re pleased to welcome Instructor Shama Joshi back to Hot Stove for another super fun hands-on class, this time on the topic of Indian Comfort Food.

After a fulfilling 14-year career working at Microsoft, Shama followed her passion for feeding others and started a food truck called Roll Ok Please. It was the first Indian food truck to open in Seattle and quickly built a big fan following.  Shama immersed herself in the sheer joy of cooking, and the highlight of her new career was when Roll OK Please was the only food truck mentioned by Anthony Bourdain as one of the top 20 places to eat in Seattle!

Shama is currently in a professional hiatus, having wound down the food truck, but wants to stay connected to people through her food. What better way to connect with like-minded food enthusiasts than by cooking and teaching at Hot Stove Society! 

You'll watch Shama demo and enjoy subtantial tastes. Then you'll roll up your sleeves and make both the Chana Masala and the Pualo hands-on and enjoy eating what you make!

 A glass of wine or beer is included.

What You’ll Learn and Eat:

  • Chana masala- Chickpeas stewed in onion tomato tamarind broth- this dish of hearty chickpeas stewed in a tangy tomato-onion sauce warms your tummy and your soul and makes you come back for more! -Demo and Hands-on
  • Beet root raita seasoned with cracked cumin, blistered hot chile peppers, and crispy curry leaves- Raita is a cool yogurt dip that counters the heat from spicy food. The beets are added for an earthy, sweet-savory and delicious take on raita - Demo and Taste
  • Pualo- Long grain basmati rice pilaf toasted with ghee, cumin, and peas- a perfect accompaniment to any Indian curry- Demo and Hands-on
  • Soan Papdi- A rich Indian chickpea flour croissant- to end with a sweet bite- no demo

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Indian Comfort Food

Hotel Andra
Monday August 05
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Enroll $90.00