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I Love Crab Cakes

I Love Crab Cakes

Everyone Loves Crab Cakes

Tom Douglas has spent plenty of time in the area of the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays, feasting on blue crabs boiled with loads of Old Bay spice or made into mustardy crab cakes. In fact, Tom’s very first restaurant job was making crab cakes at the Hotel du Pont in Wilmington, Delaware.  After moving to Seattle at the age of nineteen, he discovered the local delight of sweet, briny, meaty Dungeness crab, but to his surprise, couldn’t find crab cakes on a single Seattle restaurant menu at that time.

 Well, Tom fixed that and put fresh Dungeness crab cakes on his Café Sport menu where they became an instant hit.  Thirty-five years and thousands of crab cakes later, we’re still selling those crusty, golden-brown cakes at Etta’s and Dahlia Lounge, which means, if you want to learn how to make a crab cake, there is no one better to show you how to do it than Chef Tom Douglas!

Tom likes to break out now and then and have fun with crab cakes, so the five crab cake recipes in this demo, which are all from Tom’s I Love Crab Cakes cookbook, range from the traditional to the globally inspired to the avant-garde. What they have in common is plenty of  crabby deliciousness.

As you watch Tom demo, he will regale you with stories and share his expertise on everything you need to know about making crab cakes.  You’ll enjoy substantial tastes of each recipe along with pours of 3 wines that go great with crab.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Discussion of different varieties of crab
  • Crab cake tips: how to mix and handle crab cakes, how to form, chill and cook crab cakes
  • Chesapeake Bay Classic Crab Cakes- bound with homemade mayo, seasoned with Old Bay, coated with fresh bread crumbs and parsley, and browned in butter, this is one for the traditionalists
  • Tempura Crab Cakes with Shredded Nori- fresh crabmeat and the salty ocean tang of nori seaweed, with lacy, crispy strands of crisp tempura batter curling off each ‘cake’
  • Crab Foo Yung- this is Tom’s take on the Chinese-American classic, egg foo yung.  All these pan-fried crab patties need is squeeze of lemon and some hot Chinese chili paste
  • Artichoke Stuffed Soft Shelled Crab ‘Cakes’- when you cut into one of these gorgeously golden brown potato-chip crusted crabs, you’ll find a creamy artichoke filling tucked inside
  • Avocado and Crab ‘Cakes’ with Spicy Mayo- a picture perfect tower of fresh crab salad and avocado slices draped with sriracha-spiced mayo and dolloped with flying fish roe or salmon roe

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I Love Crab Cakes

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Saturday May 26
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