Thursday November 07

Hella Rice #2

Hella Rice #2

seafood faves

We’re excited to welcome our favorite Chef, DJ, Filipino Food Expert, and Social Media Master, Herschell Taghap, back to Hot Stove Society for another class!

Herschell will focus on his heritage of Filipino food as well as other Asian influenced food- which means, of course, you eat everything accompanied by Hella Rice!

For this class, Herschell will feature his favorite seafood dishes from both cooking at home and from dining out at his favorite restaurants. He’ll start by showing you how to make a fish stock to use in the risotto nero and the Filipino tamarind stew.  Then he’ll cook one of his favorite late night combinations from the International District’s dining scene- Honey Court’s crispy honey walnut shrimp and dried scallop fried rice.  Because it’s fall, Herschell will teach you how to make the warm and comforting sour tamarind soup that he remembers from his childhood. Herschell will show you how to make it from scratch, but he’ll also tell you which seasoning packets his mom used if you want the short cut method!  For his last savory dish, Herschell will share his own recipe that was inspired by his favorite dish in Seattle- Maneki’s black cod collars which are perfect for eating with your hands.  Finally, he’ll teach you the recipe from a friend’s mother for a simple yet satisfying Indian rice pudding with pistachios.

Herschell will entertain you with his personal stories and anecdotes, while he educates you about proper technique. As you watch him demo, you’ll enjoy substantial tastes of each dish.

 A glass of wine or beer is included.

What You’ll Learn and Eat: (demo only)

  • Risotto nero with grilled squid
  • Honey walnut shrimp with dried scallop fried rice
  • Tamarind stew with mussels and pork belly (Sinigang)
  • Black cod collars with pickled ginger
  • Indian rice pudding with pistachios (Kheer)

If you have a question about this class, please contact

Hella Rice #2

Hotel Andra
Thursday November 07
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Enroll $90.00