Friday June 21

Hella Rice #1

Hella Rice #1

The Beach Pack

We’re excited to welcome our favorite Chef, DJ, Filipino Food Expert, and Social Media Master, Herschell Taghap, back to Hot Stove Society for another class!

For this class, Herschell will focus on his heritage of Filipino food, as well as Japanese, Hawaiian and other Asian influenced cuisine- which means, of course, you eat everything accompanied by "Hella Rice"! 

When Herschell was on the beach in Oahu last April, he was inspired to write down a menu of what he'd love to cook for a big group of friends and family on the beach in Seattle on a summer evening. First, he wanted to start off with his three favorite variations of musubi- the ones he ate every morning of his vacation- as well as slices of tamagoyaki, a sweet and snack-able Japanese rolled omelet he had learned by making it for his son at home.

While the snacking was going on, Herschell imagined there would be a big pot of Taghap Family Pork Adobo- a Filipino classic of pork braised in vinegar, soy  sauce, and garlic- simmering on the fire next to a batch of his dad's recipe of grilled soy sauce chicken wings.  Everyone would also get sides of a Korean eggplant salad, grilled corn with lots of crunchy toppings, and, of course, large scoops of rice.

You’ll end class with Biko, the Filipino dessert made with sticky rice, coconut milk, and brown sugar that’s served for special occasions such as birthday celebrations.

Herschell will entertain you with his personal stories and anecdotes while he educates you about proper technique. As you watch him demo, you’ll enjoy substantial tastes of each dish.

 A glass of wine or beer is included.

What You’ll Learn and Eat: (demo only)

  • Three variations of Spam musubi; inari, shiso, and umeboshi
  • Tamagoyaki
  • Taghap Family Pork Adobo
  • Grilled soy chicken wings
  • Charred sesame eggplant salad
  • Grilled corn with lots of toppings
  • Biko- Filipino coconut and rice dessert

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Hella Rice #1

Hotel Andra
Friday June 21
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Enroll $95.00