Sunday December 15

Hanukkah Party

Hanukkah Party

Challah back y’all

Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, commemorates the rededication of the second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.  Candles are lit and presents are often gifted on each of the 8 nights of Hanukkah.  Oil plays a key role throughout this food-centric holiday,as it celebrates the miracle of the lamp oil lasting for 8 days when it should have only lasted one night.  Two key dishes that are customary in Hanukkah celebrations are latkes and jelly doughnuts, both fried in oil.  In addition to the delicious fried dough and fried potatoes, we will share several other delicious dishes to round out your feast.

Hot Stove Instructor Jamie Freedman will show off her knife skills by demonstrating how to perfectly slice lox.  Roll up your sleeves with Jamie and braid your own challah and Hot Stove will provide a variety of toppings for you to personalize your braided dough.   

A glass of beer or wine is included.

Welcome taste:

  • A bite of Lox, herbed cream cheese, on Dahlia rye toast

Demo Only:

  • How to cure salmon to for Lox, and how to slice
  • How to make brunuelos, fried doughnuts, originally eaten by Sephardic Jews
  • How to make challah – dough, braiding, baking
  • How to make potato-root vegetable latkes with homemade applesauce and sour cream


  • Braid your own mini challah loaf with toppings of your choice
  • Make tasty potato-root vegetable latkes and enjoy them in class with traditional toppings

Please notes that our kitchen is unfortunately not kosher.

If you have a question about this class, please email

Hanukkah Party

Hotel Andra
Sunday December 15
1:00 - 3:00 PM
Enroll $85.00