Monday February 10

Classic French Soufflés

Classic French Soufflés

Soufflé Magic

Discover the excitement of making a perfect, light and airy soufflé that rises high in the oven. You proudly carry this beauty to the table, and once you and your guests dig in and start to eat you discover the center is soft and creamy like a melting cloud of deliciousness! Do you wish you knew how to properly master this miracle from the world of eggs? Chef Instructor Bridget Charters is here to show you how! Once you learn the proper techniques, a perfect soufflé is not as fussy or difficult to achieve as you might think. In fact, it’s quite doable for a weeknight supper.

Bridget will demo several different soufflés as she explains the art and science behind soufflé-making. Then you’ll roll up your sleeves and work in teams of two to prepare a classic Chocolate Soufflé as well as a Soufflé Crepe to enjoy in class. You’ll go home with all the recipes so you can wow your family and friends with gorgeously puffy, delicious soufflés that rise high above the soufflé dish!

A glass of beer or wine included.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The techniques for making a perfect soufflé
  • The science behind the soufflé and tips for success
  • Learn the custard method with bechamel or pastry cream and learn other soufflé bases

Demo Menu:

  • Savory soufflé base and options for variations (enjoy tastes that Bridget makes, served with a French White Salad with Tarragon Vinaigrette)
  • Learn how to make a souffle using various containers (classic ramekin, large casserole) and proper preparation
  • Classic chocolate soufflé
  • Crepe soufflé: use a fresh crepe as the vehicle for holding your soufflé base

Hands-On Menu:

  • Classic chocolate soufflé
  • Crepe soufflé

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Classic French Soufflés

Hotel Andra
Monday February 10
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Enroll $90.00