Saturday September 22

Brew Lab: Root Beer

Brew Lab: Root Beer

Make your own root beer with the Hot Stove Team

With the multitude of cola drinks, flavored sparkling waters, kombucha, fresh juices, and other beverages competing for our attention, it’s easy to lose track of root beer, but there is so much to love about the delightfully complex flavor of this old-fashioned American soda.  You may have nostalgic childhood memories of family outings to the neighborhood A&W for the treat of frosty foam-topped mugs. Or you may remember a favorite local root beer company in the town you grew up in, like Dad’s Root Beer in Chicago. All of this is reason enough to sign up for this class and learn how to make your own root beer with Jamie Freedman and the Hot Stove Team.  Plus, root beer is a natural companion to scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream, and after this class, you’ll have a few bottles of your own handmade root beer for making Root Beer Floats! Just think about it!

Why is it called root beer anyway? Originally, root beer was made with an array of roots and barks. The root beer you’ll make in class includes intriguing and fragrant ingredients such as sassafras, cherry bark, birch, burdock, licorice, wintergreen, and sarsaparilla.

 And though root beer is non-alcoholic, we are using yeast for the carbonation, so the root beer you make with us will be naturally carbonated like beer.

After you mix up your root beer and while it is steeping, you’ll watch Jamie demo the sophisticated and delicious root beer-centric menu below, and you’ll enjoy substantial tastes of each item on the menu.  Then you’ll bottle up your root beer and each guest will take home four 12-ounce bottles

Don’t miss this chance to make your own root beer with the Hot Stove Team!


  • Make your own root beer and take home four 12-ounce bottles

Demo menu with tastes:

  • Mizuna & Japanese Pear Salad with Fried Chicken Skin and Root Beer Nuts
  • Root Beer Braised Vietnamese Pork Belly with Rice, Cilantro, Green Onion, Egg
  • Boozy Root Beer Floats with Homemade Root Beer Liqueur

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Brew Lab: Root Beer

Hotel Andra
Saturday September 22
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Enroll $85.00