Wednesday May 01

Bar Chef

Bar Chef

Handcrafted Cocktails

Hot Stove Society is excited to welcome Christiaan Röllich, “innovator and mastermind” behind the bar program at the legendary Lucques restaurant in Los Angeles, who will be here with his new cocktail book, Bar Chef.  Lucques Chef Suzanne Goin says that Christiaan “approaches cocktails the way a chef approaches food… building the bridge from the kitchen to the bar.”

In addition to creative cocktail recipes, Bar Chef includes recipes for how to make liqueurs, syrups, bitters, vermouth and mixers from scratch using fresh, flavorful, seasonal ingredients. For this cocktail demo class, Christiaan will show you how to make his homemade Campari (which he calls Apertivo- it has beautiful flavors and is not quite as bitter as store bought Campari) and his own cola syrup.  You’ll also get to taste a ‘Companion,’ Christiaan’s version of one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite drinks, and a Spring Negroni, seductively crafted with ripe strawberries, spices, and dried rose petals.

As you watch Christaan demo you’ll enjoy a short pour of each drink which will be paired with a sophisticated and delicious food snack prepared by the Hot Stove team.

A copy of Bar Chef is included in the price of the class, and Christiaan will sign your book. This is a cocktail class and a cocktail book not to be missed!

What You’ll Learn and Drink: (Demo only)

  • Apertivo – Christiaan’s homemade Campari
  • Cola Syrup- also made from scratch
  • Companion- Genever and cola with lime and bitters- this is Christiaan’s take on one of Hemingway’s favorite cocktails
  • Spring Negroni-  not your typical Negroni- this one is crafted from Apertivo (homemade Campari) with gin, sweet vermouth, fresh strawberries, spices and dried rose petals

What You’ll Eat: (no demo of food)

  • To pair with the Apertivo: Crispy fennel and asparagus “tempura,” juniper aioli
  • To pair with the Companion: Cola glazed Berkshire pork ribs, charred citrus, mustard seed pickle
  • To pair with the Spring Negroni: Smoked duck rillette, pickled strawberries, bitter greens

If you have a question, contact

Bar Chef

Hotel Andra
Wednesday May 01
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Enroll $85.00