Saturday July 14

Baking: Savory & Sweet

Baking: Savory & Sweet

Whip up a freshly baked treat!

When you commit yourself to doing a little baking from scratch, what are you looking for? You want to make something that’s fresh and delicious, but also fun, a bit of a surprise, maybe even extraordinary, right? Hot Stove Director Lexi is always on the search for the kind of baked goods that take it up a notch with beautiful colors, dramatic swirls, or creative flavor combinations.

Even something as relatively simple as a quick bread (which means leavened with baking soda or baking powder rather than yeast) can take you by surprise. Most quick breads are sweet (think banana bread), but Lexi is going to show you how to make a savory picnic bread with the sophisticated flavors of pancetta, manchego cheese, and dandelion greens.  She’ll also show you how to make a sweet quick bread with beautiful swirls of different colored batters and the on-trend flavors of tahini and sesame.  For a real showstopper, Lexi will teach you how to make Ottolenghi’s colorful lemon and berry stripe cake with vertical stripes of tart lemon cake and sweet berry buttercream!

You’ll enjoy substantial tastes of all the baked goods that Lexi demos. Then you’ll roll up your sleeves and make your own nutter-butter cookies, both the wafers and the filling, hands-on and take some home.  You’ll also take home the recipes which will make your family and friends very happy indeed!

What You’ll Learn:


  • Savory picnic bread with dandelion greens, pancetta, manchego, and herbs (this is Lexi’s riff on a recipe in Jenn Louis’s Book of Greens)
  • Sesame and tahini swirl tea cake (from Bon Appétit magazine)
  • Lemon and berry stripe cake- (from Sweet by Ottolenghi and Goh


  • Homemade nutter-butter cookies (from BraveTart by Stella Parks)

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Baking: Savory & Sweet

Hotel Andra
Saturday July 14
10:00 - 12:00 PM
Enroll $85.00