Friday June 15

A Festive Menu for Father's Day

A Festive Menu for Father

Chorizo Stuffed Slow Roasted Pork

Are you looking for a new way to celebrate Father’s Day?  Tom Douglas is here to show you how to prepare a sumptuous multi-course feast for Dad while you kick back and eat, drink, and enjoy.  Tom will get things started with a Balvenie Scotch and Benton’s Country Ham tasting and move on to a serious consideration of martini gins. Tom is a master of meat-cookery and most Dads love an impressive roast, so the centerpiece of the feast is a pork roast, studded with spears of Spanish chorizo, slow roasted to succulent tenderness, and finished with a Bing cherry Merlot glaze. End with a classic strawberry shortcake made with sweet, fragrant, local strawberries.

As he demos each course of the menu, Tom will regale you with stories and will share his expertise on ingredients and cooking techniques. The food will be matched to spirits and wines of Tom’s choosing. (Beverages included.)

Best of all, this can be a weekend of special treats for Dad.  Indulge in a classy, out-of-the-ordinary dinner with Tom Douglas on Friday night, and you’ll still have Sunday for the traditional, intimate family get-together.

Menu: What You’ll Learn, Eat, and Drink

  • Balvenie Scotch Tasting with three different barrel aging techniques and a Benton’s Country Ham Tasting of 10, 18, and 24-month aged hams
  • A Gin Reflection: a tasting of three favorite Martini gins with salmon gravlax toast
  • Olive oil poached albacore tuna with beans, pickled peppers, wood fired toast/ to drink: Albariño
  • Chorizo stuffed slow roasted pork butt, Merlot and Bing cherry glaze, sweet potatoes/ to drink: a Spanish Red Wine of Tom’s choosing
  • Fresh Washington Strawberries Shortcake/ to drink: port

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A Festive Menu for Father's Day

Hotel Andra
Friday June 15
6:00 - 8:00 PM
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