Fried Chicken Smackdown!

Fried Chicken Smackdown!

On Friday, July 17, Chef Lisa Dupar, Food Writer Leslie Kelly and Hot Stove Society Instructor Herschell Taghap battled for Fried Chicken supremacy!

Guests were greeted with deviled eggs the Hot Stove Society kitchen made and sipped on a sweet whiskey cocktail. All the contestants were asked to demonstrate their recipe while the Hot Stove Society kitchen team put out tastes for all the judges (audience) to try.

Leslie Kelley used a method in the style of Edna Lewis, but used matzoh meal for a different kind of crunch. Lisa Dupar pickled watermelon rinds and demonstrated her famous fried chicken recipe that’s in her book, Fried Chicken and Champagne! Instructor Herschell Taghap went a totally different route and made Mochiko Chicken, a popular Hawaiian dish with SPAM fried rice.

All the contestants had a great time giving each other grief, but it was all in good fun. The class ended in a raffle of a classic 3 quart Lodge cast iron pan that benefitted the Ballard Food Bank!

Congratulations to Lisa Dupar and her fried chicken for winning the 1st annual fried chicken smackdown!