First Hot Stove Class: Japanese Curry with Jamie Freedman

First Hot Stove Class: Japanese Curry with Jamie Freedman

Hey Hot Stove Friends and Family!

My first ever cooking class and event was a success! As an aspiring content creator and foodie, I am grateful to be given this chance from Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen to really expand my knowledge in the kitchen - in a very hands on approach!

I am new into the world of cooking so being able to attend a hands-on Japanese Curry Class really helped expand my knowledge. It was a fun experience learning about how different spices can really make a difference!

I never thought I would be able to grind the spices or what exactly would pair well together, but Chef Jamie Freedman was really helpful in ensuring that we all learned.

From knife skills and cutting vegetables to methods of adding broth into the mixture, the Hot Stove Team was patient and helpful throughout the process. The class was really enjoyable and helped me learn a thing or two I didn’t know about in the kitchen!

Like others who experienced life changing moments throughout the pandemic and 2020, the unspoken year really pushed me to do what I want - start a brand new life and discover who I really am in the Emerald City that I’ve always wanted to call home.

I believe that it is a life changing coincidence that I was able to end up working for Tom Douglas, the man himself, who worked hard to make his mark in Seattle. 

Not only will I be able to gain more knowledge about the beautiful world of cooking and food, but I am now also part of the Hot Stove Family! 

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Cheers with love,

Dianne Cruz

Social Media & Events Coordinator