Different Class Types

Different Class Types

Hi Hot Stove Friends and Family!

If you are new to attending Hot Stove Society’s cooking school or would just want to know more information, you may be wondering, “What are the types of classes do you offer? How does this work?”

Don’t worry, we have answers to your questions!

Hot Stove has a variety of classes, however the main types of classes we offer would be: Hands-On, Demo, and Tastings.

Demo + Hands-On: The Chef-Instructor will be demonstrating how to create the menu items for you, while you will be creating the menu item right after. For those who want to cook and immerse themselves during class, hands-on is the key word you would want to look for.

A few examples of our hands-on classes would include Knife Skills, Make-and-Take, and Pizza at Home. These classes are typically offered during the evening and run for about 2 hours – ensuring there is enough time to for everyone to learn and make the food.

Demonstration Only/Demo + Tastes: The Chef-Instructor will be demonstrating how to craft the menu items while you are able to enjoy them, like being on Food Network! In a demonstration class, you will get a thorough breakdown on making each dish as these classes are good for those who may not want to dive in just yet.     

Some examples of our demonstration classes include the outdoor grilling classes and some of our lunch clubs. The outdoor grilling classes we offer at Serious Takeout in Ballard run for about 2 hours as our lunch clubs are rather shorter. The length depends on the menu items and what we are offering for that class.

Tasting: The tasting classes are fairly like our demonstration classes, as there is no hands-on component involved, but plenty of knowledge to gain.

The main component that is differing from our demo classes would be the emphasis on beverages – for example, we have Tiki Cocktails and a variety of wine tastings available. These classes are perfect for wine and beverage enthusiasts or those who just want to drink while learning along!

I hope that learning about the different classes and curriculums we offer ensure that you get to choose the right class for you!

Don’t forget, Hot Stove Society also offers private events and classes if you are interested in having us host your next big reunion, get-together, or celebration. Click here to learn more or reach out to our Sales and Event Planning Manager, Kat Gibbons at katg@tomdouglas.com

If you have any questions, we are always happy to elaborate.

Until we meet again in the kitchen –

Cheers with love,

Dianne Cruz

Social Media and Events Coordinator