Curing Meats Part 2 With Armandino Batali

Curing Meats Part 2 With Armandino Batali

This January, we hosted a 3 part Curing Meats class, taught by our school director, Bridget Charters. For the 2nd class, we were excited to host Armandino Batali, owner and founder of the highly acclaimed Pioneer Square charcuterie hub, Salumi. Salumi is a very popular lunch spot for anyone luck enough to squeeze into their intimate space, and Salumi sells wholesale to many respected restaurants around Seattle.


Armandino Batali

During class, Armandino answered specific questions from students on everything from what kinds of salt work best (will Himalayan pink salt work and will it be delicious?) to where is the best place to cure meat in my house? (The attic, in case you were wondering). Throughout the class, Armandino shared a video he had taken of a very famous salumist in Italy as he makes his own Salami Cotto.

Guests were given bites of different cured meats from Salumi, including prosciutto wrapped around gnocco fritto (potato fried dough puffs), followed up by a supper of Washerwoman’s Pasta, also called Sciaquina, a delicious traditional Italian pasta which is made with salami trimmings, plus salad and rustic bread.

At the end of the class, Armandino led the class through making their own Salami Cotto, providing the meat and seasonings, and each student took some of it home to cure themselves.

We want to give a BIG thank you to Armandino for visiting us at Hot Stove. We always enjoy having him and it was a pleasure as always to host one of Seattle’s great salmunists!