Sunday January 31

Wontons Two Ways Class + Kit

Wontons Two Ways Class + Kit


Wontons hit the spot. Whether you enjoy them in a soup or drizzled with a pungent chili sauce, they are soothing and satisfying. Popular instructor Hsiao-Ching Chou will teach students how to break down a whole chicken, which then will be used to make the broth for wonton soup and the filling for the wontons. She will demonstrate how to fold and cook wontons, how to make wonton soup, and also how to make wontons in chili sauce.

What you’ll learn and make:

  • How to break down a whole chicken
  • How to make Chinese-style chicken broth
  • Wonton filling
  • How to wrap wontons
  • How to make wonton soup
  • How to make chili oil and sauce for wontons

Ingredient Kit:

This registration is for the class link and our curated ingredient kit, specifically made for this class. The kit can be picked up at our Ballard Warehouse Kitchen, home to Serious TakeOut in Ballard at 5118 14th Avenue NW. Your ingredient kit can be picked up the day before class, any time from 2:00pm-6:00pm. Please note that each kit has enough ingredients for 2 servings. 

Ingredient Kit Pick Up: Located at our Serious TakeOut in Ballard

Pick Up Date and Time:  You can pick up your complete ingredient box on the day prior on Saturday, January 30th between 2pm-6pm. This class is on Sunday, January 31st  

No Contact: We will have your box ready for you by first and last name at our no contact dock. 

Virtual Classroom:

This class will be very similar to our previous in-person Hot Stove classes, with an instructor that demonstrates how to make each dish “live” via Zoom. As a registered attendee, you will have the ability to watch, learn and interact with the instructor, just as if you were sitting at one of our Hot Stove Society work tables! Feel free to cook along with the group or sit back and let your in-home sous chef do all the work – either way, we promise it will be a fun and educational time in the kitchen!

Accessing the Class:

48-hours before class we will email all registered attendees a Zoom link and class preparation instructions.

Shopping and Equipment List:

Please see the link below to download the ingredient/equipment lists. 

Recipes and Login Information:

Recipes and zoom login information will be emailed to you 48 hours before class.

Refund Policy:  Once a class is purchased it is non-refundable.  The ownership, however, is yours and you may send someone else in your stead.

If you have a question about this class, please email

Thank you!  We hope to see you in the kitchen!

Wontons Two Ways Class + Kit

Sunday January 31
10:00 - 12:00 PM
Enroll $85.00 Ingredient & Equipment List